New Life Community Church

You are invited to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday, November 24th beginning at 10:30am at the church!  We have tables set up in the auditorium and after a short message give by Pastor Paul, we will serve a FULL Thanksgiving dinner.  During this time you will hear, first hand testimonies from our members!  This is a great time to visit and to learn more about us!














What we are about

The goal of New Life Community Church is to be a church modeled exactly after the outline given in the Bible. We essentially started from scratch, threw out all the man-made traditions and customs, and started again.

Located in Terre Haute, IN, New Life Community Church is a church with a purpose and calling to be more than a church…to be a family, a community…people sharing and caring for each other. We know you’ve been burned, and believe it or not, so have we. Therefore, we invite you to give us a chance to prove that this time and this church, is different.
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