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Sermon Archive

James, the Series, Chapter 1

In this first chapter, Pastor Paul Carey introduces the author of the book, and then explains what James meant when he said we should “count it all joy when you encounter various trials.” Seems like an oxymoron, right? Well it makes complete sense, as does the Bible in general, so take a look…

Plenty of Sand

It’s never, never, never too late to minister to your family and create the kind of relationships that are healthy and strong. Pastor Paul Carey convinces us that a “bucket list” is probably not the best thing on which to focus as we go on in life.

Surviving Summer 2014

There isn’t much summer left but Pastor Paul Carey give you some tools and Biblical advice to make your summer not just enjoyable but a spiritually enriched and memorable time.

Making Disciples

Jason Harshbarger is the “stunt pastor,” while Pastor Paul Carey is on vacation and presents to us the meaning of the term Disciple and admonishes us to heed the call of our Savior, Jesus, and Make Disciples! The church building is just a shell that exists for us to be prepared to leave it and go out into the community and share Christ with all those in need — and, by the way, that means everyone!

Dare To Discipline

Pastor Paul Carey’s background as a Biblical Counselor and a GREAT Dad compelled him to share with us the principles and practices which have been successful, not just in his family, but since the beginning of time. This sermon is a “must-see” for any parents, parents-to-be, surrogate parents, step parents, foster parents… You get the picture!

Creating Family Community

One of the best ways to make sure your family stays together for good is to create family community. Pastor Paul Carey defines and develops this concept based on Biblical principles.


Pastor Paul Carey continues his series on Parenting with this message for Grandparents, or Grandparents-to-be.

Why Do Righteous People Suffer?

This is the classic question everyone asks when it comes to considering Christianity. To put it another way, “Why does God allow good people to suffer?” Pastor Paul Carey answers this question.