Priscilla Shirer’s study on Gideon begins Thursday, February 6th at 6:30pm at the church.  Pastor’s wife, Sharon Carey is leading the study.


All men are invited to join the men’s study on “Not a Fan”. This study starts next Tuesday from 7pm-9pm at the church – October 8th. Elder Scot Gerger will be leading the group. 9 men attended last week. Order you devotional just click here:…/ky…/9780310344094/pd/344094…

What’s the difference between a Jesus fan and a true follower? Take Idleman’s 75-day challenge and find out! Diving deeply into principles from his award-winning book, he offers insights, stories, encouragement, and biblical truth to guide you into a “sold out,” committed relationship with the Lord


Ladies join us on Thursday, September 26th for our bible study by Priscilla Shirer on Discerning the Voice of God! For more information just respond to this post and I would be happy to answer your questions! Everyone lady, teen, college student is welcome!

Beth Moore ladies bible study begins February 28 at the church at 7pm.  Join us for this 6 week study.  The study is from the book of 2 Timothy.  If you have any questions, go to New Life’s facebook page.  Sharon Carey will be leading the study.  All ladies are welcome!

Below is where you can order your book.

Fall Festival October 28

Gathering at the Carey’s House.

Men’s Connection new time and day!

Friday mornings 6-7:30 AM at New Life.  The men will begin a study The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg.  Scott Gerger leads the group.


You are loved. You are valued. You are not alone. 

Sisterhood is a gathering of everyday women who are passionate about life, others and about God.   Our desire is to spark each other to be who we are in Christ and to know Him intimately as we share this passion with each other.

In a world where we cannot even turn on the TV without hurtful words and actions from women on display, it is time for a fresh voice of women rising up in great strength to shout the fame of Jesus and follow His example for loving one another with compassion and grace. We are committed to lean into, strengthen and uplift women of all ages. We are committed to make sure that every single woman knows she is loved, valued and not alone.  Join us at New Life Community and bring a friend!  

7-8:30PM on 3 evenings:

September 27,

October 25,

November 29

Mother’s Day Tea

All moms are invited to our Mother’s Day Tea
May 12 at 1:00 New Life Community Church
Come as you are, relax, laugh and socialize with other mothers.
We will play dress up, play some games and enjoy a surprise or two.
Let us know by Thursday if you plan on attending so we know how many to prepare for. Just respond to this message!

New Sermon Series called The Great Restoration begins Sunday, February 18, 2018

Do we need some restoration to fully enjoy Christ’s Resurrection life? As we look ahead to Easter, New Life will begin a series of preparing our hearts free from “hurts” for the full enjoyment of our faith in Christ.. Join us as we examine God’s Prescription for healing Spiritual PTSD from Psalm 40 this week.
Coffee Get Together at 10AM, Gathering at 10:30 AM

The Power of Knowing Christ – begins 2/25/18

You may know about God, but do you truly know what He says about Himself—and what He wants from you?

This eye-opening study will help you gain a true understanding of God’s character and His ways. As you discover for yourself who He is, you’ll be drawn into a deeper, more personal relationship with the God of the universe—a relationship that will enable you to confidently display His strength in life’s most challenging circumstances.

All ladies are invited.  This 6 week study begins Sunday February 25th at 6pm and will end on April 3rd.

Please sign up at the information table at the church.

New Series beginning this Sunday January 14!  Don’t Waste God’s Grace!” 

Believers have such a a treasure house of principles to help them cope with this life, but few take advantage of them. God’s Grace has saved and equipped us to face the challenges of life. Our new Series; entitled “Don’t Waste, God’s Grace!” will help us to understand that God is not just interested in saving our souls, but equipping us to face a life lived victoriously. Don’t miss a single one of these messages over the next 4 weeks!!

New Life Starts a New 3 Part Series on Fear and the Formula God gives in II Timothy 1:7 of Power, Love and a Sound Mind to Combat the Panic of our Day… Sunday’s Discussion is on the Power of God to Change Circumstance and Protect us in Our Lives…. Free Coffee and Donuts at 10, Praise and Truth at 10:30 Am

The book of Jude in the Bible can look a little like this collage if it isn’t broken down for study..Join us Sunday as we attempt to unpack eternal truth from this epistle… written by one of Jesus’s 1/2 brothers!! Coffee/donut at 10, Gathering at 10:30

Kid’s Zone Series (K-5th grade) – Knights of the Rectangle – October 1-29th of 2017

A dark season passed over the land of Nincompoop and men’s hearts had become selfish. In KNIGHTS OF THE RECTANGLE Sir Lost-his-Lance, Sir Round Sound and Sir Purfluous journey to battle for the hearts of men. Desiring to become Knights of the Rectangle, these clumsy characters brave the Forest of Boo and other difficult challenges trying to reach the King of Hearts.

Clueless as to the true meaning of their journey, they are guided by their simple Squire and challenged by the looming Kwestor. Inspired by stories of David, the Knights learn they must have a willing heart and be ready, able, merciful and humble

Join Sir Reginald Duffus Esquire the 3rd for Not Exactly Theatre plus read Chain Mail with Owlsome and learn Compass Points with Jen the Jester.

Grab your armor and join the journey to see who will be chosen as a KNIGHT OF THE RECTANGLE!

New Sermon series – One Hit Wonders of the Bible – September 10, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017, we begin a new series entitled “One Hit Wonders of the Bible”!! There are 5 books in the Bible that are just one chapter, but they pack quite a punch and have timeless messages. Sunday we will study the book of Obediah!!! Are you excited!!! Don’t shortchange this minor prophet, he had much to say to us today!!! Join Us Sundays at 10:30 for these timeless messages..

Pastor Paul Carey began a new series on the Reformation on July 9.  What does that mean for us today and what practical application can me make to our own spiritual life?  Very interesting and inspiring.

At New Life Community Church, this morning, Dee and I enjoyed a special time with Dane in Miss Beth DeCosta’s KidZone for Grandparent’s Day…needless to say, it was awesome! Today was the end of a 3-week Olympic Games series, ending with Bible reading about David (and slaying of Goliath)…kids loved it, bringing them to their final “Event” of the Olympics! A Relay Race, plus nutritional food & water and ending the games with medal ceremony where the kids received “gold” medals, paddles, balloons and Olympic torches. It was a wonderful morning for all the Grandparents and kids…thank you, Miss Beth DaCosta, and may God continue to bless you and your children’s ministry at New Life!
Thank you Beth and thanks Priscilla for sharing!





Link on the web site above to order your book.  Great series men!  You don’t want to miss!

Ephesians PUP_Cover_Ephesians.indd

The Church: Rooted in Love, Walking in Power -Precept Workbook (NASB) – (10 lessons) If you think you’re just a cog in a machine, if you don’t know your true identity, then this study is for you.

Praise God for what He planned in eternity past and is waiting to reveal to you now . . . through the study of His Word. Learn who and what you are in Christ and you’ll want to walk God’s ways the rest of your life.

Ladies join us for the incredible study.  We begin Tuesday, September 13th and end November 8th.  We will meet in the Upper Room from 6pm-8pm.

Go to this site to order you book

The cost is $22.50.

For more information contact Sharon Carey at 812-841-4336.

Downtown Block party this Saturday, August 27th, from 1pm – 10pm!  If you would like to help contact Sharon Carey at 812-841-4336.  This is a huge event; a time to get to know our community and for them to get to know us!

Sunday we will look at our Christian roots as a nation!! And examine some of the amazing Biblical principles that has led to the greatest civilization known to man. 10 am Coffee hangout, 10:30 Am Gathering.

Everyone is invited to Pastor Paul and Sharon’s house on July 3rd for our annual July 4th celebration.  Bring a side dish and 13247885_985986284833489_5915063586109144750_osome chairs.  Pastor and Sharon will provide hotdogs and hamburgers.  Will be a lot of fun!

Great Easter services this year!12075008_10154127493532216_1148727344283900712_n

 Join us as we celebrate with events leading up to Easter!

upper room

The Art of Loving  I Corinthians 13:4-8the_art_of_loving-still-16x9

Sunday is St. Valentines day!!! We will look at what the Bible says about romantic love and try to correct the misconceptions people generally associate with what they think the Bible teaches… great stuff.. hope you join us… Coffee/donut fellowship at 10, Gathering and Community at 10:30 AM

New Life Hosting City Wide Community Service


12661846_10153995231607216_837495417488310656_nSo proud of our people hosting the CityWide Prayer and Worship. New Life Worship Band was awesome!!! Thanks to so many who worked behind the scenes making this night special for all!!

Had such a great time at our Harvest party!

The food was awesome and the fellowship was even better.  We laughed a lot, went on trails, played corn hole and enjoyed the hayride.12049229_10153789641057216_6101679433501034323_n

Church wide harvest party at Turkey Run


Sunday, October 25th after church we will all trek up to Turkey Run for our annual Fall Harvest Party. You can get there anytime in the afternoon..and walk trails, etc. We will get together at 5 PM for a Hot Dog Dinner at the Tennis Shelter (bring a sidedish) then off to the Horse barn for a Hayride at 6… (bring $5 for the hayride. We always have a blast at these activities… See everyone there!!

Join us for Pastor Carey’s series on “Easy to Get but Hard to Lose” in September 201511959981_10153677788832216_3634633850420974618_n

The series is an expose on character, integrity, and influence that is sure to strike a chord with our culture… join us Sunday at 10 for a coffee and donuts connect time and 10:30 for worship and gathering…

Ladies Bible Study – Kay Arthur – Luke Part 2

Join our ladies for the second part of the in-depth study of Luke Park 2.  Sharon Carey will be leading the study beginning Tuesday, September 22 from 6-8pm.  We will meet at the church in the Upper Room.  Click the link below to order your book today!

Downtown Block Party on August 29, 2015


11947482_10153666185487216_549193670889670846_n10363522_10153666185557216_2426681668269643261_n11891134_10153665787462216_1581982748180575929_n11953258_10153665836872216_3578489971715322167_n11205075_10153666451062216_4185444257406614434_nWhat a great time at the downtown Block party last Saturday!  Thanks to everyone you came out to help!  We gave out over 2,000 tootsie rolls and suckers!  We also gave out close to 200 bibles and were able to pray with many.  Several visited our church on Sunday as a result of the Block party.

Revive Indiana is coming to Terre Haute

11111956_1583488841900263_7796652386372950073_oFolks… be aware and be apart of a new ministry coming to Terre Haute the week of June 22-28, LOTS of ways to be involved… start by “liking” the facebook homepage… lots more info to follow..

A New Small Group Study is Starting next Sunday Night April 12th at 6 PM at New Life’s Upper Room entitled “Figuring Our Your Finances.”11140220_10153295409082216_4558479190548516275_o Here’s your chance to get a handle on your finances Biblically!! God has a lot to say about this topic and those who live by Biblical Principles Financially have a greater sense of contentment and purpose in their material life… Come join us… let us know by a reply and we will sign you up… there is no cost for this study…

New Life is joining a Co-ed softball league that plays on Fridays beginning in May.11082285_10153265705617216_7774253187658459100_o Cost will be about $50 per person which includes registration and a cool jersey and awesome cap… Message us or sign up after service this Sunday… should be lots of fun and develop some great friendships….

New Life kicks off the Easter Season with a Series entitled; “EASTER IS AWESOME!!” easterCome discover the distinctiveness of our Faith in Christ!! This week we will look at the evidence, secular and sacred for the Resurrection of Jesus and look into why it is so vital to Christian faith…skeptics welcomed!!!
10 AM Sunday Coffee Hangout, 10:30 Gathering!!

New Sermon Series Coming in February!!10952287_10153124795117216_146392099640619022_o With so much confusion and misunderstanding about Love in our Culture… we need a fresh unpacking of the principles of Love for our Families, Our Churches, Our Relationship with God and Our Community and World. Join us Sunday’s in February at 10:30, as we discuss this vital topic and find relevant practical teaching on God’s Love, Our Love and True Love!! 

What’s Love Got to Do With It In  My Marriage?  February 8

What’s Love Got to Do With It In  My Relationship with God?  February 15

What’s Love Got to Do With It In My Church ?                February 22

What’s Love Got to Do With It In My Community?        March 1

New Life Community meets at 815 Ohio St at 10:30 AM.

This Christmas Season..New Life will look into the Glory of God… The angels said “Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, Peace, Goodwill Toward Men”. But what does that mean? Can we experience the Glory of God today?? Is God still revealing His Glory?
10830478_10152981615252216_5321591682096824206_oJoin us this Christmas season on Sundays at 10:30 or at 10 am for a coffee fellowship as we look into and hopefully experience the Glory of God!!

HEAVEN’S WINDOWS – The Greatest Christmas Celebration

God’s Perfect Gift Comes Shining Through!Kids zone Christmas

The greatest Christmas celebration

of all is the birth of Jesus our Savior

In KidZone we will be looking at Gods perfect plan

for the world and for us.

Join us all of December for lessons, crafts, games and fun!

Bring a baby item to put in the manger by Dec. 24th

All gifts will be given to support the Crisis Pregnancy Center infant boutique

Thanksgiving Dinner November 23, 2014thanksgiving dinner 2014

There are still some table hosts opportunities available for our Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday November 23rd!!  Table hosts fill a table of 7 and pay a donation of $75 for an incredible Thanksgiving feast from Bob Evans Restaurant which includes Turkey, Dressing, Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, and a myriad of desserts that include pumpkin and banana bread, pumpkin, apple, pecan, chocolate and coconut pies, coffee, tea, lemonade and whew!!! We spend the whole service in Thanksgiving.  Come join us..there is plenty for all.. let us know if you can host a table!!!

REVERB – Word of Life

Reverb Word of lifeREVERB is the best all-night event of the year for our youth group!  Kick off the night at a sporting event followed by an interactive AMP rally.  Celebrate the rest of the night at premium venues doing great activities like inflatables, sports tournaments, live entertainment, archery tag, dodge ball, arcades, bowling, trampoline gyms, go-carts and many others. Reverb night You can follow the event  the facebook page – Word of Life Reverb Night.

When: November 14, 2014

Where:  Bankers Life Field House in Indianapolis, IN>

Cost:  $47 by Oct. 31  at the door – $57

See Brad Morgan for details

 Living The Dream – Psalm 126:1living the dream

God continued to work on behalf of the Israeli’s even when they were in captivity… and when they returned to their homeland after being exiled, they began to see how God had sustained them. Perhaps in your life you don’t visibly see God working, but rest assured He is.. Come Sunday as we begin a new study on “Living the Dream Life” an expose of seeing the hand of God in our lives even when it is not evident. This series will begin November 2nd and end December 7th.

Howdy Partner!

The BEEFESIANS series in KidZone will take us deep in the heart of the old west.  We will follow the wisdom in the book of Ephesians to discover why that book has so much “BE” in it. IMG_2218

God teaches to BElong, BElieve,BE patient, BEhave, and BE strong.

So come on along and join us around the campfire! Series begins October 26th – November 23rd.

Turkey Run Harvest Party and Hayride for everyone

Everyone is invited to our Fall Harvest party at Turkey Run this year.Turkey Run Bridge  Join us on October 26th beginning at 3 pm.  We will meet at the Big Log Shelter.  Bring a side dish and a dessert.  We will enjoy roasting hotdogs and marshmellows and great fellowship!  Horse drawn hayride  begins at 6pm ($4 per person)!  Can’t wait. Turkey is so beautiful at this time of the year.

Calling all CHANGE AGENTS! Hey kids ages 4 years old through 5th grade. Join us!kids in motion

The agency known as A.I.M. (Agents in Motion) have answered the call change the world with Jesus love.  All who join will follow the Bible clues to learn how to cause positive change in your family, your church, your friends, your community and even the world!

You won’t want to miss this exciting series in Kid’s Zone which will run Sept 21 – Oct 19

Do you have what it takes for this important mission?  Activate your faith because the mission begins now!

Next Sermon Series – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians 7 habits of highly effective christians, the_wide_t

Stephen Covey made famous his “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in the 90’s.  These concepts have revolutionized the business world with concepts that major on a moral center and operate from a position of dependence to interdependence.  But what about the Christian life? Are their concepts and principles in scripture that if put into practice would revolutionize our Christian Life.  New Life Church will examine these concepts over the next few months to try to establish some unmovable principles that enable Christians to be effective in their Christ following.  Covey got most of his concepts from biblical principles.

We will examine the concepts of…

  • Being  Proactive….. Taking Responsibility for your Actions and Attitudes
  • Begin with the End in Mind…  Seeing God Sovereign hand in our Circumstances
  • Seeking First to Understand then to be Understood… Compassion and Dying to Self-Needs for Kingdom Good
  • Putting First Things First… The Whole Issue of Proper Priorities
  • Think Win/Win… Developing Relationship and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Synergize…Developing a  Kingdom Mentality/ Working for Collective Salvation and Holiness
  • Sharpening  the Saw… Daily Improvement, Devotions, Reading, Evaluation, Exercise etc. Holistic Christ Centered Living

Come Join Sundays at 10:30 during the months of September 14- November 16th, 2014

Ladies Bible Study begins on September 9th at 6pm at New Life Community Churchcovenant

No More empty promises. Trust issues develop because people fail us. But biblical truths have the power to sustain us because God’s Word never fails. Join teacher Kay Arthur for Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises—an 8-week inductive Bible study that will teach you how to seek and find these truths through documented covenants.

Sharon Carey will lead this study beginning on September 9th from 6pm to 8pm.  We will meet at New Life Community Church in the Upper Room.

Join us!  Need a book?  We can order for you or we can order after our first meeting.

Any questions, call Sharon at 812-841-4336.

Downtown Block Party – August 23!23rd

New Life Community Church will have a booth at the Downtown Block party on August 23rd.  We will be handing out popcorn and balloons.people  We will also have a box for individuals can place any prayer requests they may have.  What an amazing opportunity to reach out into our community.  If you would like to help just call Pastor Paul Carey.  We will be there from 1pm to 8pm and possibly 10pm.

If you can’t help please drop by and say hello.

Poisoned – James 3:  1-12  (August 10, 2014)

God help me say the things I should say today, NOT say the things I should not say and help me know the difference between the two. 10523735_10152685207752216_4060189054521150913_oJames has much to say about this vital topic of the Tongue. Learning to discipline what we say can either pave the way for peace or plow the road for ruin. Join us on Sunday as we look into taming the tongue. 10 AM Coffee and donuts..10:30 Gathering..

Autumn Miles shares her inspiring story Sunday July 27th

autumn picMake plans to attend New Life on July 27th as Autumn (Carey) Miles talks about her recently released book entitled “Appointed”. This bookbook reveals her inspiring story of how Christ rescued and delivered her from a life of abuse, to a life of joy and significance. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Autumn, founder of The Blush Network , and hear how God delivered her and can deliver you from shame and discouragement to a life of victory!! Copies of “Appointed” will be available for purchase for $13.99. Autumn will be available after the service for a VIP book signing and prayer for those needing hope.
Sundays, 10:30 AM…

Equal in His Eyes – James Series Equal in His eyes - James 1
Prejudice is not just a race issue.. it can also be an economic issue. Our study of James this week examines the Saga of the Rich and the Poor, and how God wants all people to be equal at the foot of the Cross.. 815 OHIO…Sundays 10:30 AM
The Book of James…Count it All Joy?
Ndw Series on the book of James beginning July 13th - August

Ndw Series on the book of James beginning July 13th – August

Did you know that James was the half brother of Jesus? Did you know that James was probably the first letter written and distributed as Scripture in the young New Testament Churches? And the first topic he discusses is Why do bad things happen to good people!  Interesting.. join us on Sunday, July 13th, as we begin discussing what many call the “Book of Proverbs” in the New Testament; the book of James.   Short, hard hitting encouragements to all believers.  Join us at 10 a.m. for coffee and donuts then at 10:30 for worship and message.  This is an 11 week series that Pastor Paul will be preaching on and will take us through the month of August.

Annual 4th of July Picnic   picnic

Our Annual 4th of July Picnic will be at Paul and Sharon Carey’s house at 5674 Mesa Court on Friday, July 4th!! We will grill out hamburgers and hot dogs.. if you are coming please bring a side dish and a 2 liter bottle of Pop. We normally have great fireworks in our community but if you want to bring some feel free.. We will start at 7 PM and have some yard games etc. Let us know by replying to this post if you plan to come so we can make plans on the crowd!!! See you then!!!

Sermon Series: Real World Parenting

Kid’s Don’t Come with a Manual (or do they???) Missing Mom or Miracle Mom? Dare to Discipline! Creating Family Community There’s Plenty of Sand Left!! SuperDad or SuperSad??
May 4th May 11th May 25th June 1st June 8th June 15th

Child Dedication

182830_10151678925862216_641085160_nMay 11 – 10:30am Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to dedicate your baby or child to the Lord. And the church at New Life is here to help you be the best parent(s) possible. Contact us if you would like to participate during the morning service.


New Life continues to see a move of God at their new location, 815 OHIO street, with 9 child dedications to the Lord on Mother’s Day. Our love, prayers and

Dedication Sunday

Dedication Sunday

congratulations go out to the parents and families of these precious children. May God grant them the spirit of Psalm 127 that “Except the LORD build the house they labor in vain that build it!!” Charges were given to the parents to raise their children in the care of the Lord and have them in church, and also to the church to pledge to always have ministries that support these parents in this quest. New Life continues the study on “New World Parenting” this week with a message on “Dare to Discipline” the lost art of achievement!. Hope to see everyone there!!! Have a great week!!!


prayer time before praise band practiceEvery Thursday evenings @ 6pm Where two or more are gathered – the Lord is there. Prayer is the foundation of all we do at New Life! We pray for those who have shared requests as well as issues facing our community, country, and throughout the world. All are invited!

Men’s Connection (resumes on May 3)2014-06-16 15.15.48

Every Saturday @ 8-9:30am Guys, we need each other to deal with the unique issues that we face. So, we meet to study the Bible and discuss the ways in which God’s Word coaches us to grow as men after His own heart. We will work through Volume 1 of “The 33 Series” from Authentic Manhood ( and we will finish by the end of May. Starting in June, we will start an “organic” study of the Gospel of John. If you don’t know what that means, you will definitely not want to miss it!