Church Life

First Service of New Life Community Church at 815 Ohio Street

Easter, April 20th, 2014

Church LifeAfter more than 16 months of prayer, meetings, fund raising, back breaking demolition, planning and renovation, the New Life Community Church officially moved its location from the lower level of the Meadow’s Shopping Center (a place they have occupied for 8 years) to their new location on 815 Ohio Street. This move is a step out of the darkness of the basement to the light of day and on one of the busiest streets in Terre Haute!! The Easter service was filled with well-wishers and new attendees as God’s presence gave His sense of blessing and pleasure of the faith of God’s people at New Life.

This re-launch of the church is setting a new vision for New Life. Located in the downtown district, the church plans to reach out to the students at Indiana State University and make an effort to minister to the business men and women in the surrounding area. New Life also hopes to offer a presence at the numerous festivals held downtown, that have become a gathering point for thousands annually in the Wabash Valley. Their strategic location also offers a great vantage point for music groups and speakers to inspire faith in the Terre Haute community.

Church LifeThe New Life Community Church’s location is over 100 years old. Once a feed supply store on the city’s outskirts, now it sits on the outer limits of downtown. The location has been used as a Green Stamp store, an office supply store and most recently a fitness center. Renovations on the property took about 4 months. The facilities are beautiful and state of the art for modern ministry.

The Easter Service was truly wonderful!! The churches worship band and singers opening song of “Build Your Kingdom Here!” gave a prayer and a promise of things to come. Pastor Carey reminisced about the founding of the church in 2004 with only 12 persons to now a growing congregation with a bright future built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and His command to reach and disciple unchurched people. His message on “Pivot Points” exposed not only the change points for the church but to allow Christ Church Life to use our personal change points in His sovereignty to bring glory to God.

A full breakfast was served, along with refreshments throughout the morning. If you are looking for a church with a vision and a bright future, consider New Life Community Church, bringing hope to the downtown area of Terre Haute.