During my second bible study – Breaking Free, I did begin to break free of some strongholds in my life. Kerry Paterson shared this with me after our last ladies bible study. Her life was transformed forever! Sharon CareySharon 1

Not only was Kerry transformed, we ALL were!

I am so excited to begin a new study by Kay Arthur called – Covenant.  I have already begun my homework and God has spoken to my heart just this week.  I want you ladies to join me!

The study starts next Tuesday evening, September 9th, from 6-8pm in the Upper Room at New Life Community Church.  It is an eight week study so we will be finished well before the Thanksgiving holiday!

I can’t express to you how much we all grow and bond with each other!  It is a no miss for all of us.  I know… I know your  reasons not to attend I’m busy, I don’t have enough time, the ladies may think I’m dumb (as Kerry thought), I’ve never been in a ladies bible study before, I may not know anyoneand the list goes on.  Believe me; we ALL have thought the same things!  But every one of us, who have decided to attend have all said….I’m so glad I did!  You will feel the same!  Join us!

It will change your life just as it changed Kerry’s life forever.  You see she found Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a result of attending!

You will not want to miss her story below.  I pray God will use her testimony to encourage you to join us!  Kerry will be there.  How about you?

I have participated in 2 bible studies at New Life Community Church – Breaking Free by Beth Moore and A Woman’s Heart by Beth Moore.

  I was asked by a neighbor to come.  At first I was leery to attend but at the same time, I was looking for a good bible study.   My friend had no idea! I had the usual doubts: what if the ladies don’t like me, what if I look dumb.  All kinds of thoughts went through my mind. I immediately started to pray and I decided to go.

 In the first bible study, I actually started to develop my relationship with God.  It still amazes me looking back on that study! The ladies that attended were extremely loving, caring and encouraging.  I could feel the Holy Spirit there.

 During my second bible study – Breaking Free, I did begin to break free of some strongholds in my life. I forgave people for their wrongs against me.  I forgave myself and most importantly during that time I also attended the Blush Conference in Terre Haute.  It was during the conference that everything made complete sense.  It all became personal.  I accepted Jesus’s love for me and invited Him into my life that very day!  God used the two bible studies and the Blush Conference to help me find my relationship with Jesus!  Without both, I know I would not be where I am today.

  There are so many things that I could tell you that led me to the bible studies – things that happened and things that continue to happen to reassure me of God’s love for me.

  One last thing – after the night of the last bible study, I started having doubts.  Yes, I said doubts. The ending had to do with a rope, bungee cord type attachment indicating that I have a direct line to Jesus. I can’t remember all the details. The very next day my Dad came home with a bracelet that was made from a soldiers parachute in Iraq.  Every time I see or wear that bracelet, I think of that example in the bible study.  I can pray and talk to God at any point and he hears me.  Jesus is my direct line to heaven!

  I would recommend the bible studies to anyone who is doubting, believers and anyone who thinks it might be for them.  Don’t miss out on finding God’s love.  He’s waiting for you to grab on.

 Kerry Paterson

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